Lab getting lazy???
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Thread: Lab getting lazy???

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    DefaultLab getting lazy???

    I may just be an overly worried parent here but I need some advise. My beautiful yellow lab is 1 year and nine months old. over the course of the last two months I have she has gotten a lot lazier. I know as dogs get older they settle down and its a natural progession, but I don't know if they are suppose to settle down this much.

    Around the house she just goes and lays in her cage, on her bed or on the wood floor most of the day. She use to constantly roam the house or always be at my side. She still has a lot of energy when it comes time to play. We still play fetch about 4 times a day, and she reverts to her old bouncy, energetic self. When someone comes home she still gets excited and grabs a toy and takes it to them.

    I'm having to cut down just a little on her food (Nutro Ultra Large Breed Adult incase you were wondering) because she is gaining some weight in the waist area.

    Am I over reacting here or is this normal?

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    DefaultRe: Lab getting lazy???

    I think you are one of the lucky owners of a lab with the "on/off -button" ! Your dog relax when nothing happen around her and when you are active and play with her she gets active too! Emma is exactly the same...
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    DefaultRe: Lab getting lazy???

    ummm I doubt anything is wrong with her. My 7 month old puppy has calmed down considerably but when it's time to play or greet a visitor he goes bonkers!
    Where do you live? It could also be the heat. I think that is what making Buck lounge around the house chewing on bones and looking for cool spots....
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    DefaultRe: Lab getting lazy???

    She sounds normal to me.

    My dogs are exactly the same. Easy going in the house (ONLY when they have had their exercise!!) but FULL of energy when outdoors. There is no real reason for an adult dog to be going crazy in the house. Dogs that go crazy in the house are bored and understimulated. Tired, satisfied dogs sleep.

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    DefaultRe: Lab getting lazy???

    It sounds like she is very content. If you weren't playing with her so much and she was acting like this I might worry. As long as you don't see any other changes such as lethargic about eating I wouldn't worry about it.

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    DefaultRe: Lab getting lazy???

    My guess was going to be the heat.

    My 3 are pretty lazy around the house too (our youngest is 15 months) but the minute you get up or open the door, they are up and ready for action.


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