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    I have been trying to educate myself more about nutrition and how it effects my dog's health. I was feeding Iam's and noticed that both of my dogs' coats became very dry/flaky and they both have more odor. So I decided to switch. I guess my question is how do you determine if the food you are feeding suits your dog. If it was simply a dry coat issue, should I have just supplemented? Or was switching the right thing to do? I now feed Canidae All Life Stages and while my bulldog handled the transition fine, my lab mix seems to be a little more gassy and now poops 2-3 times a day, whereas before he only pooped once a day. The stools are firm and well formed, but I always thought, more output= less absorbed. We have been on the new food for about 2 weeks and I am still mixing some of the Iams, but it is mostly new kibble now. Do you think after more time, he will have less stools/day or it is what it is at this point?

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    My dog was on Canidae for a while and that food turned him into a pooping machine. Well-formed stools but he went about 6 times a day! Also, his coat went downhill, hot spots, etc. He also started drinking more water while on Canidae. So, the food did not work for him.

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    I guess my question is how do you determine if the food you are feeding suits your dog.
    Your dogs should be fit and healthy if the food you are feeding is working for ear infections, no flaky skin, no itching, shiny coat, good teeth, firm stools, good overall body condition, etc. etc.

    Personally I would wait at least another 4 weeks and then re-access your dogs condition. It can take them a while for them to adjust to a new food.

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    I find there is usually a 'de-tox' for the first month or so when switching. Also when you switch to a different food be prepared for your dog to go through a shedding cycle. Iams is not my favorite food and I don't like the ingredients - however, some dogs do well on it. A breeder friend of mine feeds Canidae and her dogs do great on the food but then other dogs may not. I do find that the less grains and fillers that a dog food has the less volume in poop. You also need to carefully look at the recommended amount to feed and usually adjust downward. I went from feeding 4 cups a day to 3 cups a day when I switched foods.


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