I did find that they had put cornstarch in the common vitamins I found at the grocery store and maybe some wheat. For a few cents more I found some without nasty stuff at Whole Foods a grocery store here in the U.S that carries items for folks with allergies. Their everyday brand is devoid of the stuff many folks with allergies have to avoid.

Then those digestive enzymes (good stuff found in yogurt) may have started to help. Lya went a whole day and most of the night (until 3:30) this was a first in a long long time.

Anywho, the point is that the vitamines and stuff can be sneaking when you are preparing homecooked. I have to watch what they put in her calcium supplements as well.

Sometimes the local butcher runs out of venison so we then have to buy it at the store. The store stuff comes from New Zealand. Do you folks have an over abundance of deer?

Good luck to you down there!

Morgan with Lya the Itchy