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Thread: FYI IAMS

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    DefaultFYI IAMS

    Just an FYI that IAMS food is made by Proctor & Gamble. They do animal testing. Definitely testing in development of food products. Proctor & Gamble have a lot of products. For more info about companies that do animal testing (dogs and bunnies are their favs.) check PETA. (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). >

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    DefaultRe: FYI IAMS

    This comes up every couple of weeks as if it's new information : If you don't like Iams, don't feed it. PETA's a joke, btw.

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    DefaultRe: FYI IAMS

    Would you really prefer to buy and use a food that was NOT tested for nutritional quality or one that was tested?* I prefer to feed a tested food.* I would not feed a food that did not contain this statement: "Animal feeding tests using AAFCO procedures substantiate that __(this food)__ Formula provides complete and balanced nutrition for all life stages."* Long term studies are the way, for instance,* that formulas for Large Breed puppies are tested against other puppy formulations. (AAFCO = Assoc'n of American Feed Control Officials.)


    Procter & Gamble also owns Eukanuba as well as Iams.

    Nestle owns Ralston Purina (ProPlan, Purina One, etc.)

    Colgate-Palmolive owns Hill's Science Diet

    Mars Candy owns Royal Canin and some others

    Schell & Kampeter owns/makes Diamond, Chicken Soup, and a number of other brands plus makes Kirkland for Costco.

    I agree with JacksAndLabs sentiments about PETA;* read the book, "Dog's Best Friend" by Mark Derr
    Puff [YF, AKC field line (from competing HT/FT breeder) 62 lbs, dob: 8-'01]

    Bess [BF, AKC bench line (from competing show breeder) 55 lbs., 1967-1981] "Poor Bess, the Wonder Dog":

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    DefaultRe: FYI IAMS

    The only PETA I believe in is People Eating Tasty Animals.
    Allie, Teddy (6), Emily (7), and Ivy (4)

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    DefaultRe: FYI IAMS

    PETA wants to do away with all purebred animals (meaning Labs) and hunting. That is their real agenda-to get money any way they can to pay lawyers to fight for their agenda.

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    DefaultRe: FYI IAMS

    I am not a vegetarian and do not necessarily support PETA.* It is merely one source of information.* I do want to know that the food I give my dog is nutritious.* I just believe that can be done without removing muscle from a dog and other such practises IAMS engages in.* I use a raw, organic, whole food diet BTW.* It is ground chicken, turkey, rabbit, salmon, beef, etc.* I don't want to start a rant or a huge issue.* I feel as a dog owner, that I would be a hypocrite if I supported companies such as Proctor & Gamble, SC Johnson, etc. by buying their products.* Am I perfect?* No.* It turns out I do have some of their products in my home.* I will use up those products and go looking for animal friendly ones.*

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    DefaultRe: FYI IAMS

    Iams response:

    Thank you very much for taking the time to forward the link to this horrible web
    site. It positively sickens me, and is a gross misrepresentation of The Iams
    Company and the research we have conducted! We sincerely appreciate loyal
    customers like you who make the effort to investigate the truth about these
    horrible accusations. Uncaged Campaigns is an animal rights group in the UK
    that has connections with a tabloid in London that "broke" this story on Sunday.
    Here is our official response:

    An article published by a British tabloid newspaper (Sunday
    Express, "Pet Food Cruelty," May 27) contained inaccurate and misleading
    information about Iams nutritional studies. The Iams Company is appalled by
    these false allegations of animal cruelty.

    More than two years ago - well before our acquisition by Procter
    & Gamble (P&G) - The Iams Company independently made a firm and binding decision
    that we would not consider or sponsor any studies that required the euthanasia
    of dogs and cats. We determined that we could continue to make crucial health
    advancements without such studies because certain key findings had already been
    made, and new alternative research methods had been developed (for example,
    advances in MRI technology can now be used to examine the condition of bones and
    joints without using invasive procedures).

    Early in our efforts to develop nutritional innovations, we
    sponsored university and veterinary school research in North America that
    identified important questions. The answers to those questions could
    potentially save and enhance the lives of millions of dogs and cats, but could
    only be determined through studies requiring euthanasia. We exhausted all other
    alternatives and made choiceful decisions in our research methodology. In those
    few instances, researchers used the minimum number of animals possible, and the
    results have benefited dogs and cats world-wide.

    For example, our studies of canine and feline kidney disease - a
    chronic and fatal illness affecting millions of pets - resulted in new renal
    diets that make a significant difference in the lives of dogs and cats with
    chronic renal failure. Our research into healthy skeletal development has made
    a big difference for large breed dogs, where painful and debilitating
    developmental bone problems can occur in up to 40% of puppies.

    Despite these facts, the story in the Sunday Express portrayed
    our published research findings in a sensational, negative, and misleading way.
    The article repeatedly described ordinary veterinary health practices in
    unnecessarily horrific terms. For example:

    * A skin biopsy - which is a common diagnostic test in both human and
    veterinary medicine - was described in the article as "giving the animal chest
    * Giving an animal a routine vaccination was described as "injecting with
    live virus vaccines."

    Clearly, this type of language is deceptive and

    Other leading pet food companies sponsor or have sponsored
    similar studies to those undertaken by our company. Unlike most of our
    competitors, Iams openly presents and publishes our findings (for example,
    veterinary conferences, peer-reviewed veterinary journals) so that other
    researchers can help improve the health and well-being of dogs and cats, without
    repeating research projects.

    This raises an important question: If our research has been
    presented, published and part of public record for more than ten years - and if
    other leading pet food companies sponsor similar studies -- why was The Iams
    Company singled out now?

    To answer that question, it is important to consider the source
    of the allegations: This story appears to have been sparked by Uncaged
    Campaigns, a UK-based animal activist organization that has long called for
    boycotts of P&G products.

    To sum up, our research efforts have always been guided by a
    strict code of ethics that exceeds the highest standards established by the
    Animal Welfare Act of the US and the US Department of Agriculture. Today, and
    in the past, all of our feeding studies have been required to meet very specific
    criteria, namely:

    * The care of animals is of paramount importance, and animal well-being is
    always our top priority.
    * The results must help veterinarians and pet owners nutritionally manage
    important pet health conditions and give real benefits to dogs and cats
    * The studies must be unique, relevant, and truly pioneering - in other
    words, no existing research could answer the questions raised.

    At Iams, we stand behind our research, and are proud of our
    55-year track record of enhancing the well-being of dogs and cats by providing
    world-class quality foods. That is our mission, one that we live by every day
    in every corner of the company, starting with our Research and Development.

    The negative Iams information that is flowing through the Internet right now is
    a distorted view of our research. Unfortunately, this type of sensationalism is
    at the expense of a company made up of people that are passionate about their
    dogs and cats, as well as their company's mission (to enhance the well being of
    dogs and cats by providing world-class, quality foods). I wish I could share
    with you all the thousands of contacts we've had from dog and cat owners
    reporting on the impact our foods have had on their pets' health. My own dog
    has experienced terrible allergies that were greatly soothed by feeding her a
    Eukanuba Veterinary Diet.


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    DefaultRe: FYI IAMS

    Try using Flint River River Ranch- It is the best dog food... my dog used to be so itchy and have allergies.. I went to this website and ordered some all natural dog food delivered straight to your door

    Flint River Ranch Super Premium Dog & Cat Food is a high quality food containing only human grade ingredients, no by-products and no toxic chemical preservatives.

    Ultra Fresh!
    100% 30-day satisfaction guarantee.
    All human grade ingredients.
    Concentrated for Efficient Digestion.
    Costs Less to Feed, Less Cleanup.
    Free-Range Chicken and Lamb.
    Naturally Preserved with Vitamins E, and C.
    No artificial flavors.
    No By-products. No Fillers.
    No Chemical preservatives (Ethoxyquin, BHT or BHA).

    No Color Additives.
    No Hormones.
    No Laboratory Testing on Animals.
    Nutritionally Complete, Exceeding AAFCO Nutrient Profiles.
    Recommended by top veterinarians, kennels, and breeders.
    Shipped fresh to your door - FREE delivery !
    Unique Twice Oven-Baked Formula.
    Easy Re-ordering! View your order history, Re-ordering is fast!


    Our Flint River Ranch Super Premium All-Natural Formula is slowly TWICE OVEN-BAKED under carefully controlled conditions and proper temperatures. This unique baking process changes the hard-to-digest molecules of "raw" starches into easy-to-digest dextrines. This process acts as a "pre-digest" of the kibble food, resulting in less strain on the dog's digestive system and allowing a greater degree of food absorption. A dog's intestinal tract is short; it functions in the most efficient manner when the food is concentrated and can be quickly digested. The important vitamins, minerals and food ingredients can then be easily assimilated into the dog's digestive system.

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    DefaultRe: FYI IAMS

    What are we a walking advertisement for FFR?


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    DefaultRe: FYI IAMS

    Oh lord. Ban raw....bad proctor and gamble. Well shit. I should stop eating chocolate because it makes me fat...too bad I don't care.

    PETA sucks. Feed what is right for you dog, even if it's ALPO.
    Dani, Rider & Rookie
    SHR Watson's Safari Rider, JH, WC, CL1-R, RA, CGC, TDI
    SHR Endeavor Put Me In Coach, RN, WC, CGC

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