Partial ACL tear?
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    DefaultPartial ACL tear?

    Carter has been limping off and on, later this week I noticed he is not wanting to put weight on his back hind leg. Yesterday he didn't even want to get in the car, totally out of character for him. I knew something was really wrong. We went to the vet today and the vet immediately suspected a partial ACL tear by the movement of Carter's knee. The knee is also very swollen. He does a lot of ortho work and has seen so many ACL injuries, he's pretty confident that's what it is. We will go back early Monday a.m. for x-rays, though, to get a more definitive diagnosis. I'm not sure why they had to wait until Monday, but they do want to sedate him, as they said they have to move the knee a certain way during the x-rays, and a dog with an ACL injury will not allow them to do so?

    Has anyone's dog had surgery for a partial tear? I was reading the posts/opinions on the TPLO there more than one option for a partial ACL tear repair?

    If anyone has experienced this, how was the recovery?

    I know I am thinking ahead since the x-rays have not been done, but I want to be prepared.

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    DefaultRe: Partial ACL tear?

    Sorry to hear about your pup. We just went through the TPLO procedure 3 days ago. She is doing well so far. Starting to get some of her spunk back, but we are managing to keep her as quiet as possible.

    The vet explained to me that the ligament is like a hemp rope, that once there is a tear it is weakened and will continue to fray until it completely severs...the case with my girl. There are different options if you GOOGLE "TPLO" or "canine anterior cruciate ligament" it will pull up many resources, in addition to the ones members posted in my original post looking for feedback.
    My dog is only 22 months old, a very strong runner and very very active. We opted for the TPLO as it addresses the force angle issue in the joint. We were afraid she would rupture the suture material of an extracapsular repair and end up needing a second surgery. I didn't want to put her through it twice. Although I know now she had a steep angle which made her more prone and there is a 30-40% probability of her tearing the other knee. We will get pet insurance and pray we don't need to use it.

    The feedback from this board and support of the members has been awesome. Read up on the alternatives, discuss with your vet and your breeder, get other opinions. You don't need to rush into surgery, take the time you need to make sure you are making the best decision for you and your dog. The next week or so will be anxiety ridden for you, use the board for support. You will come to a conclusion that is right for you and will feel right in the end. But bringing them in for the surgery.... I felt sick to my stomach. I know I did the right thing and she is responding very well. I know I'll have my "Bouncing Black Beast", as my dad refers to her, back in no time

    First day post op:

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    DefaultRe: Partial ACL tear?

    Thanks!* If there is a tear, which the vet is pretty certain there is, I feel the need to have it repaired.* Carter is seven years old and already has some arthritis issues.* This injury has been worsening over time, and it causing him more arthritis issues.* My vet also explained the "fraying rope" analogy.* If it is going to blow, I'd like to fix it now before any more arthritic problems may develop from it.* He is still a very active dog, and I want to give him the best quality of life possible from here on.

    I am trying to research the two options...traditional and TPLO.* *It's confusing.* My vet has not recommended a specific one yet, as tomorrow he will do a more in-depth manipulation exam on Carter when he is sedated for x-rays.* I try to do research ahead of time, though, to have some knowledge of my own to be able to ask questions.* There seem to be pros and cons to each.* I've read many opinions that a TPLO may offer better results for larger dogs (Carter is 85 lbs), but also that stabilization often works, too.* I will ask about the "force angle issue" you mentioned.* Thankfully I already have pet insurance to help with this if necessary.

    I'll post again after we see the vet tomorrow.* Thanks again.


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