Odd occasional incontinence
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    My 7 year old female Lab has always been perfectly housebroken ... no accidents. But when my girlfriend's Cocker (also a female) comes over, my Lab will occasionally have an accident while lying down. Sometimes on the outdoor lounge, sometimes on a cushion in the kitchen or elsewhere. Never in her bed. It never occurs when she's standing - these accidents never involve squatting and peeing. She'll be lying down and suddenly start to leak. She won't get up, she'll just lie in it, her rump getting wet. When she gets up, she acts as if nothing happened. This never happens when the other dog isn't there. Just once or twice a week when the other dog stays over.

    It seems like incontinence, but it's so specifically timed to the other dog's visits, that I'm wondering if there's some emotional context to it. They get along okay - they don't romp together like best friends, but they don't fight either.

    Anyone have a clue what this might be, or what I might be able to do about it?

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    First step would be to rule out anything physical, which means a vet visit and a urine analysis for sure.

    There may be an emotional context to it, or it may just be coincidental, or maybe the cocker being there distracts her so that she doesn't pay the attention she normally does to "holding it", it's impossible to tell at this point. But with stuff like that, always best to rule out physical problems first and foremost.
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