detox period??
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Thread: detox period??

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    Defaultdetox period??

    Is there a detox period when you change over a dog from a old to new food? Can the symptoms actually get worse before better? Just wondered. Thanks

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    DefaultRe: detox period??

    I guess it depends on what you were feeding before compared to what you are feeding now. If you went from feeding a low quality food to a premium brand your dog probably would experience a detox. I have also heard of dogs detoxing when switching from kibble to raw. If you switched from a high quality kibble to another high quality kibble I am not sure. It could be that the food simply doesn't agree with him/her.

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    DefaultRe: detox period??

    I switch slowly over a period of week or two.

    I start out 1/4 new food and rest old food. And do this for a couple days and look for any changes...diarreah and such that is. Then I up it to 1/3 new food and rest old food. Do this for a couple days and look for changes. Then it's up to 1/2 new and 1/2 old and I continue this till I am out of the old food and it's all new.

    If the dog experiences diarreah I just go back to a lower ratio and then work my way up.

    Hope this helps.
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