Happy Days! OCD Scare Resolved!
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Thread: Happy Days! OCD Scare Resolved!

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    DefaultHappy Days! OCD Scare Resolved!

    If it looks like OCD and cracks like OCD, then it usually is OCD. We are happy to announce that, in our case, it is not OCD!!

    (Read Cheyenne's OCD scare here: http://labbrats.blogspot.com/2006/07...ecans-ocd.html)

    Cheyenne had a vet appointment on Saturday and they took a couple of more x-rays. As both girls waited in the small room with us (we took Dakota along for the ride), we talked about not how much that particular appointment would be but how much the OCD surgery would be. The vet comes in and announces that everything looks great! He put the films up to the light and showed us the area that once had a small flattening and now it was as round as a ball. Wonderful news! No surgery for Cheyenne!

    So now it is 2 more weeks of crate rest and slowly introducing activity back into her schedule. She still has a slight limp but she is on Metacam right now so the vet said that she could possibly have a sprain or pull and it isn't inflamed due to the medication. Only time will tell how well Cheyenne does but right now we know it is nothing serious and our baby Lab is safe and healthy!

    Now if we could only figure out why Dakota keeps straining her back left leg and stiffening up, we should be fine!

    owned by Dakota & Cheyenne
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    DefaultRe: Happy Days! OCD Scare Resolved!

    Thank goodness! That's some welcome good news. ;D

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    DefaultRe: Happy Days! OCD Scare Resolved!



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