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    Kona ripped open a pad on his paw in the park today. Not super bad, but enough to discharge a small amount of blood. I cleaned it out with rubbing alchohol and wrapped it in gauze. Is there anything more I need to do? How long does it take to heal?

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    Lexie ripped open all 4 paws last weekend.* In 2 days she was back to limping around, and by 5 days she was back to her usual self.* My vet was extremely unconcerned that she was hurt in this manner, and wouldn't even schedule an appointment.* I wish someone had told me she would heal so quickly.* She wouldn't keep the bandages on, but we bought an anticeptic spray to use 3x a day and just had her lay down until it dried.* It worked really well and didn't make her sick if she licked it at all because it is made for cats and dogs:* PetSmart, approx. $6, Septi-Clens Medicated Antibacterial Spray

    Hope your pup has a fast recovery too!


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