scratching after swimming!
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Thread: scratching after swimming!

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    Defaultscratching after swimming!

    We took Sammi swimming @ the river a couple of day's ago. Since then she has been scratching alot, she really hasn't had any allergy problem's, no dandruff or rash's are seen. I was careful to wash her down when we got home. Has anyone ever had this happen? Oh yeah she also has no sign's of flea's and I am diligent about keeping her flea and tick med's on her- Thank's for any thought's you might have. -- sammi's mom.

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    DefaultRe: scratching after swimming!

    Swimmer's itch? Dog can get it too...
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    DefaultRe: scratching after swimming!

    Another member and I were talking about a rash under Red rash on stomach. You can read it, but the water may have dried out Sammi's skin.


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