1st time swimming, now very sore, is this normal??
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Thread: 1st time swimming, now very sore, is this normal??

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    Default1st time swimming, now very sore, is this normal??

    Saturday we took Lexie to a friends house and they have an inground pool.* Well, keeping Lexie out of it was impossible, needless-to-say.* We had a great day, fetching in the pool, fetching in the yard, playing with their husky etc, etc.* Last night when we got home, she was very tired and went right in her crate and went to sleep.* Fine, I understand it was a busy day for her.* This morning my husband had to carry her down the steps to go out to potty.* She is limping and doesn't want to or isn't able to walk around much, and not at all on the steps.* I just fed her breakfast, and she definately still has her appetite.* While she was standing to eat, I put my hands over her whole body and when I touched her back hips, she shook a little.* No whimpers or anything though, and she is now laying in her crate again.* We have to go away today and leave her crated.* Is this a bad idea to leave her alone or is it good for her to just rest today?* Obviously if she is still not okay tonight, I will make an appointment at the vet 1st thing in the morning.* It was a lot of extra exercise than she is used to, is this a normal reaction for her?* What can we do for her in the meantime??*

    Any advice please, I am a really worried mommy....

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    DefaultRe: 1st time swimming, now very sore, is this normal??

    Personally, if she continues limping I would see a vet. As long as she is not in pain, give it a few days as it could be a simple sprain that rectifies itself. It is unlikely she injured herself from swimming. Swimming is a low-impact exercise that is very easy on the joints. Swimming is excellent for rehabilitation after injury/surgery and it is generally considered to be one of the "safest" forms of exercise in, say, comparison to leash running. I think the likely case with Lexie is that she over exerted herself as she was having so much fun. Sometimes these dogs don't know when to stop!


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