I thought he had an allergy but...
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Thread: I thought he had an allergy but...

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    DefaultI thought he had an allergy but...

    I think he had fleas.

    Here is the story.* I few weeks ago, Bauer (18 weeks now) started scratching a bit more than a puppy should.* 75% of the scratching was on his belly, the other 25% behind his ear and around his buttucks.

    We went to the vet as his belly started to get just a tad infected (red).* The vet thought it was probably an allergy to something.* Gave us some spray for the area and some new shampoo to start with.* The spray* helped a bit, the shampoo - not so much.

    After posting the issue here, we thought it could also be a staph infection on his belly, but we just were not sure.

    SOOO....when I got home from work, I find this (not on him, but on me)...

    This thing a tad bigger then the head of a pin.* I took some initial pictures to the vet (who did look for flees the other day) and he was not 100% sure as the original picture (not this one), was not that clear.* To be safe he gave me Capstar.* Pretty amazing and safe drug.* A pill that starts to kill every flea in 30 minutes and is pretty much done in four hours.* Does not last long though like Frontline.

    The website says you may see fleas jumping ship within 1 hour and you may also see the dog scratching more as the fleas are beginning to move around.* I did see him scratching more, but no fleas were found anywhere.* Within 2 hours, he pretty much stopped scratching all together (1 time).* So I am now thinking (hoping) that i found the problem.

    He was not infested with them.* Rather I think he had a few on him that bothered him.* He has been on K9 Advantix, I just gave him another dose of it (2 days early).*

    We will see how tomorrow goes.* If there is no scratching, I figured it out.* I would have never found these couple of fleas on him and would have been treating him for allergies for the longest time, had the flea not jumped on me!

    I will have to spray down the place tomorrow though and stay away for a few hours.

    I really hope this is the problem...while fleas are nasty, its much better than the alternatives.

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    DefaultRe: I thought he had an allergy but...

    How long had it been since your last Advantix application? I *think*that most of these flea drips kill the flea once it bites them, it does not prevent the flea from hopping aboard (although some brands claim to...). Hoss picked up some fleas somewhere (first ever I have seen on any of my dogs), and technically they shouldn't have been there. So I applied some more Frontlune Plus and that seems to have taken care of the little buggers. (I saw them crawling around his face).

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    DefaultRe: I thought he had an allergy but...

    It sounds like your pup has Flea Allergy! Our Murphy has it and one little flea will drive him crazy with itching! It is a difficult thng because other than the pill you described nothing really helps because as posted above, the fleas do get on they just don't live or don't stay on because of the Advantix....problem is, once they bite Murphy he itches!

    Some years we have to have a steroid shot to stop him from biting and scratching to the degree that hot spots and hair loss become so severe that he looks very ill. This year has not been so bad, but we believe it is because we jump started this year by having the steroid at the first sign of hairloss instead of waiting.

    We have tried Frontline and other meds, but the only thing that works for Murphy is the Advantix, BUT we have not tried any of the homeopathic treatments yet. I plan on doing that after the flea season this year as Murphy does get relief from October through about April, I'm hoping to establish him on the homeopathic road during this down time.

    Good luck with this, I certainly understand!


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