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Thread: scratching and itch question

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    Defaultscratching and itch question

    Bauer has started scratching himself more and more. The main spot he scratches at, are the nipples in the middle of the stomach. One of them actually got a little red yesterday so I took him to the vet.

    That being said he is 18 weeks old, so I and the vet do not believe this a food allergy (real slight chance). However, it could be an allergic reaction to something else? For now I am spraying gentocin on him twice a day in the spots that bother him most (that does seem to help a bit). We also gave him a bath with some Oatmeal shampoo the vet recommended for short term relief - not sure that really does anything though.

    I think I am going to add dermcaps to his diet in a couple of days...thoughts?

    This could also be him being a puppy as puppies have sensitive skin? This is what I am hoping for.

    Has anyone been through something similar with a pup - if so, what do you recommend and what is the outcome now?


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    DefaultRe: scratching and itch question

    Sounds like a staff infection. I am not a believer in adding supplements to a puppy's food. If they are on a good quality kibble, no supplements are needed.

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    DefaultRe: scratching and itch question

    Great Link...I hope that is the case. I prefer of course not to suppliment as well, but sometimes we must...

    I do not see any puss though...more just redness and little scabbing. Otherwise, it may just be a staph infection.


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