any special vaccinations needed when swimming?
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Thread: any special vaccinations needed when swimming?

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    Defaultany special vaccinations needed when swimming?

    Hello! My dogs are due for their annual shots this month and I thought I read something on this forum about a special vaccination that dogs who swim a lot should get.....I searched, but couldn't find anything. My dogs swim in the Potomac River pretty regularly in the warm months, so I wanted to make sure they are of the Potomac are pretty dirty. Does anyone know what I am talking about? I asked my vet about it and she said that if I am talking about laptospirosis (sp?) then I really don't need to worry about that because there hasn't been any issues and the side effects from the vaccination are a greater concern???? help!!

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    DefaultRe: any special vaccinations needed when swimming?

    Hmm, I don't know- but Dakota got the lepto vaccine- our vet said if she would be anywhere near where wild animals could use the bathroom she should get it- we didn't have any side effects- she got it as a small puppy... we live right behind wetlands and have deer and bunnies in our yard all the time so they suggested it for us - especially since lepto is one of the few dog diseases that IS contagious to humans too. It probably depends on where you live as to whether or not it's much of a problem - we live in the Pacific NW. Not sure if it helps with any water bacterias or issues though.

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    DefaultRe: any special vaccinations needed when swimming?

    Oona swims everyday and I don't give her anything special for that. However I do make sure she is on flea and tick meds year round because of the deer population in the woods, and I give her Drontal Plus every six months because she likes wild animal caca.

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    DefaultRe: any special vaccinations needed when swimming?

    No clue what you are thinking of. Maybe ghiardia? And if so, I woudln't do it since I have heard the vaccination is not really effective.


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