Gradual Food Change?
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Thread: Gradual Food Change?

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    DefaultGradual Food Change?

    I know there was a post about changing food gradually, but I can't seem to find it. I am switching Zora from Eukanuba LB puppy food to Diamond LB Puppy food and want to do it correctly to cause the least amount of stomach problems. Could someone please advise me as to how it's done. We switching due to the fact that Diamond is half the price and easier for us to get. (We are in the country, feed store is 5 minutes away and the pet store is 30mts. away). Right now, Zora gets 3 cups a day: morning, lunch, dinner.

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    DefaultRe: Gradual Food Change?

    You can change food gradually this way (more or fewer days, if you want)

    day 1 3/4 c. present food, 1/4 c. new food
    day 2 same
    day 3 1/2 c. present food, 1/2 c. new food
    day 4 same
    day 5 3/4 c. new food, 1/4 c. present food
    day 6 same
    day 7 all new food

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    DefaultRe: Gradual Food Change?

    Agree with that schedule.

    But I'd use 3-4 days at each ratio to give a young pup's tummy time to adjust.
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    DefaultRe: Gradual Food Change?

    I did it over a 10 day period because it was easier to remember percentages.


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