Problems with Innova EVO
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Thread: Problems with Innova EVO

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    DefaultProblems with Innova EVO

    For the last week I have been trying to transition from Eukanuba Natural Lamb to Innova. I bought two 6 pound bags, one regular Innova and one Innova EVO and mixed them together. Each day I would feed a mixture of half Eukanuba and half of the Innova mix. Freckles, a mixed spaniel rescue, seems to be doing fine but Duke started having constipation problems. It seemed to be getting worse so I put him back on Eukanuba.
    The EVO is very high in protein so that may not agree with Duke's system. Freckles, on the other hand can eat tennis balls without a problem.
    Is anyone here feeding Innova EVO? It is touted to be the BARF equilavent in a kibble form.

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    DefaultRe: Problems with Innova EVO

    I used to feed it to all my dogs but then decided to go with something natural but with less protein. My oldest boy is 9+ and thought the protein level may be a bit high for him. They didn't have any problems and loved the food and their stools were firm - but not overly so.

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    DefaultRe: Problems with Innova EVO

    Why would you mix the regular Innova and the EVO together and then mix it with the Eukanuba? That is a lot of protein sources mixed together.

    EVO is a rich food. You can't feed nearly the same amounts as other foods, it shouldn't be fed to a dog under 2 years old and it should be fed alone.

    With EVO, the stools are smaller and less of it because the dog is using more of the nutrients. Rider had a little loose stool the first day on EVO...but after that...nothing. He's regular. Only eats 2 cups a day. 1 in the morning and 1 in the evening.
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