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    My yellow Lab Cosmo is 7 months old and for the most part is a sweet dog that I really love, but he has a fetish that concerns me. We have lava landscaping rocks around our yard. Cosmo likes to take one once and awhile and just chew it up into small pieces. Sometimes swallowing some. I would like to ask if this is harmfull to his tooth enamel. Has anybody else had or heard of this problem?l

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    I doubt it will hurt is teeth. Don't forget that dogs can chew through and break up bone. I would be more concerned about an intestinal blockage. Personally, having been through the saga of an intestinal blockage with one of my dogs, I would keep him away from the stones and re-direct him into chewing one of his own toys. Try giving him a marrow bone (MUCH tastier and better for him!) and really enforcing the 'LEAVE IT' command when he attempts to chew on the stones. He shouldn't be chewing anything other than his own toys/bones/etc. for his own safety.


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