Bella heads to the Vet...liver problem?
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Thread: Bella heads to the Vet...liver problem?

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    DefaultBella heads to the Vet...liver problem?

    So this is my first post to the board, but I do read often for suggestions on various things. Usually I'm able to find the answer with a search, so i rarely see myself needing to post. Anyway, today we had a problem at the park.
    I brought her to the park this afternoon, pretty hot here around 90. Bella is a healthy smaller lab. She's 1 year old and weights 65 lbs. So she's running around for about 10 minutes and she's already pretty sluggish and panting very heavy. Which seemed unusual, but then she just parked herself down and didn't really move and was just panting very heavily and laying on her side. Well after about 5 or so minutes we decide that she needs to get outta there and get some water or something. It is about 1/2 mile walk to where the car so we start to try to carry her. But she is awfully heavy and I soon realize that it's not going to work. So i tell my girlfriend to pull the car through the park. So in the mean time i try to carry her a bit, and she's not having this at all. She ends up kinda barking at me so i lay her down. She just layed there panting very very heavily. At this point she started vomiting. Then she continued to vomit and had a bowel movement, which totally freaked me out. So luckily Katie pulls the car down and we head to the vet. My roomate stayed in the back with her as I drove. After about 15 minutes in the car the dog just stands up like there was nothing going on. She seemed very confused as to where we were, but was seeming like her normal self. We brought her to the vet regardless, and the vet suggested that it might have been a seizure? She also said it might be due to the heat. We had bloodwork done to make sure there weren't any really huge problems, and it came back with elevated liver enzyme levels. She said the max would be "100" and that Bella was at "262". So i dunno, does this seem like a good diagnosis? Is that outrageously high for the liver blood test? She didn't really have any suggestions for how this would happen, other than that she might have eaten something or something simple like that. So far since this has happened she has been very calm and just kinda layed around...obviously tired. But she seems like she'll be fine. Is it worth it to take her for more tests in a few weeks? (this is what the vet suggested).

    your help is greatly appreciated,


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    DefaultRe: Bella heads to the Vet...liver problem?

    I certainly would have her checked out further if she were mine.* That is not normal.* It could have been a mild seizure in which case she might be an epileptic or it could be more serious. It also could have been heat stroke as I have heard that coming on suddenly and presenting the same symptoms, however that is still not normal for a young active dog to experience after only 10 minutes or so of play.*

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    DefaultRe: Bella heads to the Vet...liver problem?

    She said the max would be "100" and that Bella was at "262". So i dunno, does this seem like a good diagnosis? Is that outrageously high for the liver blood test?
    No, it's not outrageously high-that would be in the thousands. It was most likely heat exhaustion, not likely Exercise Induced Collapse (EIC). I would have the liver tests repeated in a few days when she is fully hydrated. Heat exhaustion can be dangerous. Make sure you bring an ice chest along and curtail activity in high heat and humidity.


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