Pimples (White Heads)
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Thread: Pimples (White Heads)

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    Dion Dog, a 13 month old Black has a huge White Head pimple on his ummmm nut sac.. He also has a few bumps on his chin with 1 starting to turn to a white head or something... Does anyone know if this is normal? Should I be worried ?


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    DefaultRe: Pimples (White Heads)

    I'm not sure about the pimple on his sac, but it could be an infected hair follicle. The bumps on his chin are most likely acne. It usually responds to bathing the dog in a benzoyl peroxide solution if it's mild. If it doesn't respond to that then your vet will put him on some antibiotics to get rid of the infection. Also, what type of food dish do you use to feed? It's best not to use plastic as it will harbor bacteria.

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    DefaultRe: Pimples (White Heads)

    Scotty had puppy acne on his belly. As far as I remember, it can start anywhere with places that don't have much hair being more likely. The acne on his testicles should go away soon. I'm not sure about his chin.

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    DefaultRe: Pimples (White Heads)

    Mo has had what appears to be a pimple on the bottom lid in the corner of his eye also. One of the vets I went to (not his normal vet who knows him like the back of her hand) said it was like a sty. He said I could put hot compresses on it, but to me that's just too close to the eye. I don't imagine that would very comfortable for him
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