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    Hi we are having an awful summer so far bug wise,is it safe to use human bug spray on my lab. He has gotten bitten quite a few times by black flies ect and would like to be able to protect him the best I can from this.

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    DefaultRe: BUG SPRAY

    My dad uses fly spray that's ok for horses and dogs...gets it from the tack shop.* I don't think human bug spray is ok for dogs but I could be wrong.* Someone else could answer that one better, but I know the fly spray my dad uses works great. I think it's called Bronco. He doesn't use it every day or anything like that, only when they're particularly bad and when the dogs are outside more than usual. But it works. There's citronella in it, and it's about 6 dollars a bottle at any tack or feed store if I remember correctly.

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    DefaultRe: BUG SPRAY

    I use a fly repellant on my cat's ears and nose since he gets bitten there, it's this one:

    It works very well, and you only need a little bit.

    For use on more of the body, Burt's Bees makes a natural bug repellant that is safe for dogs. It seems to work well for mine.

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    DefaultRe: BUG SPRAY

    I use Bronco Equine spray (I pick it up at the Tractor Supply Company chain store). They have several different formulas but the one I use is for horses and dogs. It is great stuff, I used it on my first lab Nuno after the flies seemed to be eating him alive (caused him to rub places raw on his ears). After the spray, no more problems.


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