my lab ate my breastpads!
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Thread: my lab ate my breastpads!

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    Defaultmy lab ate my breastpads!

    Okay, how worried should I get?* I have 6 pairs of those Gerber reusable breast pads and now I can only find 3 pairs!* I think my 3 year old lab ate the three pairs out of the laundry basket as we caught her one day looking quite guilty and gulping something.* I'm pretty sure she didn't eat them all at the same time as I only change the pair once a day.* HELP.. She's passed only one of them so far and she's her usual self, not vomiting or anything.* She's still eating as well.* What am I to look for?*

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    DefaultRe: my lab ate my breastpads!

    how many day's has it been? Sammi eat one of my sock's took three day's and she finally threw it up- could not beleave it. She also was eating and pooping normally and only the one time vomit. Boy do I feel lucky that it didn't cause more problem's


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