Dry coat from swimming??
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Thread: Dry coat from swimming??

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    DefaultDry coat from swimming??

    Bailey is in her baby pool at least twice a day now that the temps are up over 100. She's a yellow lab and does not show dandruff or anything, and she's not scratching, but I can only imagine her skin needs some kind of moisterizing. Or maybe I'm projecting "humaness" on her. I know mine would be dry.

    Is there some of food additive or something we should be using on her occasionally? We don't shampoo unless she's into something really really stinky. Just rinse her off with warm water normally. And as I said, it's a baby pool, no chlorine or anything like that.


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    DefaultRe: Dry coat from swimming??

    I'm on my second Lab and 18th year of Lab ownership.

    To my experience -- perhaps mistaken -- I've never seen ANY drying out problems caused by daily fresh water swims. Too frequent shampooing, YES.

    But Labs were bred to be water dogs, weren't they?

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    DefaultRe: Dry coat from swimming??

    Thanks for the reply. I knew that they were bred for water dogs, but I've heard so much about drying their skin out bathing that I wasn't sure if that applied to just water, too. We only rinse her with warm water, so I guess we're okay. Thanks again.


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