Pointy or "Sunken" Forehead
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Thread: Pointy or "Sunken" Forehead

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    Hi - we're new to the group. Sammy is a 6 year old male who is in very good health, although he has to be forced to drink water. He preferes to stay by my side as much as possible, I think always waiting to be fed. Recently we noticed that his forehead or temples seem(s) to be more sunken in that I have noticed in the past. I've been looking everywhere on the web for info or similar pics but can't find anything about health concerns for these symptoms. Most labs I see have some sort of depression, but his forehead looks really angular. He's due for shots this week and I'll check with the vet, but didn't know if anyone is familir with this condition, or if it's normal. His diet is fine, but I think he should be drinking more. Not sure if that's related. Thanks for reading.

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    Here's one possibility - something called "masticatory myositis" which can affect the muscles used in chewing (including muscles attaching to the top of the skull) Opening the mouth can be painful and it sounds like dogs may become reluctant to eat or drink.


    Good idea to mention this to your vet.


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