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    Hi all I have found out some very interesting things yesterday. From what I got on previous posts it sounded like puppy vaginitis and not a staph infection (like the vet has said) so I did some searching on the net and found out, what I can do to help clear it up. I read to put desitin or something like that on her rash that she has at her vulva, and give her something with Acidophilus in it to her. I searched the stores here for the tablets and of course I cant find any.
    The last store that I had gone to didn't have it so I checked with a lady that was there and she happen to be a vet, so I told her what was going on, she told me instead of finding them tablets just give her 2 tsp of plain non-fat yogurt in her meals, and do the desitin thing, so we got to talking some more and she happen to ask me what town I lived in, so I told her Dover, and she said it figures, so I got curious. She gave me words of advice, she told me to switch her water. She said no longer give her our tap water, she told me that Dover (where I live) has very high PH in the water and that is not going to help her problem, so needless to say after talking to her I stopped at the store and got her 2 gallon of spring water.
    I talked with a couple people around me that have female dogs and every one of them lick excessivelyaround their vulva's so we informed them about the water and what is wrong with Bella and they are switching to.
    So for Bella we have switched her food from Pedigree (YUK) to Diamond L&R, shes gets cleaned with baby wipes when she comes in from outside, she gets desitin on her rashy thing, she gets yogurt in her meals, and a cranberry tablet in her meals also. And she gets bottled water now instead of tap. We will get her on the right track yet.

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    DefaultRe: update: puppy vaginitis

    Sounds like you got your bases covered. Hope she clears quickly.


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