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    Napoleon is 7 1/2 months old just so you know his age.Sunday night well 3 am monday morning he was soooo sick throwing up and the runs he threw up like 6 times and pooping like water. Monday at 10 am about he threw up alittle like foamy watery ,then seemed fine.Now Tuesday today he trew up alittle again and has the runs ,his right eye also little swollen unedr the lower lashes,I took him to the vet and he checked him and said he seemed fine has alittle temperature but other then that okay except to get him some benadryl for the itching of his eye as he thinks its a bug bite. I just now got through cleaning 2 huge piles of vomit and he had the runs late in the afternoon.I judt dont get how the vet can say he is okay ,maybe something he ate ,I know he didnt eat anything eh shouldnt he is with me ALL the time I even sit in the yard with him.He is up toadte on all his needles and worm medication I am jus l;ost as towhen is going on.I live in a small town so I cant consult other vets.Anyone heer ever have this happen.

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    Does he eat anything other than his dog food? Was he given any people food at all before he got sick? Is there anything at all he could have gotten into outside playing?

    It's worries me that your vet isn't concerned... That's a little weird.

    I don't think I could tell you exactly what is wrong with him, but there are some things I would suggest. See if he can at least keep soup down. It's going to be important that you at least get something into his body. Make a trip to the store and get him some plain, ordinary chicken broth... Just the broth, nothing in it. Start with that. Warm it up for him and see if he will eat it. Another suggestion is to give him chicken and rice soup. This is very good for dogs with upset stomachs and the runs. If you can keep that stuff in him, then get some plain ordinary yogurt... Make sure that it has active cultures. These three things will be very good for him if he can keep it all down.

    Seriously, if he is still sick tomorrow, I would be considering whatever you need to do to get him to another vet. I realize you are in a small town and one might not be that close, but if he is still sick after 3 days you'll need to get him to a vet.

    The best of luck to you... Please keep us updated on Napoleon's condition.

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    Good advice above.

    If one of my dogs gets sick (throwing up, has the runs) I starve them for 24 hours. The next morning they get a bland meal of plain rice or chicken. If they keep it down, I pass the illness off as a 24 hour bug and leave it be. If they throw up again and still act lethargic 48 hours after they first throw up, we get to the vet ASAP.

    Throwing up and diarrhea could mean an endless list of things. I would take him back to the vet and explain that it has been 48 hours with no progress. If you leave it any longer, he will become dehydrated.

    Please keep us updated.


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