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    UPDATE: Well, we returned to the vet this morning for another fecal test.* They now think it is coccidia.* They gave him some deactivated charcoal to cleanse his system of toxins ?????, no food for 24 hours, and remain on the antibiotic.* Thanks for all of the replies... hopefully he will be better soon!!

    Hi!!* Scout (14 mths old) has had explosive diarrhea for 2 days now.* I took him to the vet yesterday and they tell me they cannot find anything.* After having three vets look at his results, no one can see a thing.* So they send me home with Metronidazole and Albon, along with some Hill's I/D canned food.* He acts like his normal self, eating and drinking regularly, no temperature, etc.* Basically no other symptoms but terrible diarrhea.* It has no blood in it and it is not frequent, maybe every 5 hours or so. I mentioned maybe a partial blockage, but they do not think this is the case.* Does ANYONE have any ideas or experience with anything like this?!?!?!*

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    Those 3 things should help. Give it a few days.

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    Give the vet's stuff some time to work it's magic. If Scout gets worse or it isn't taken care of in the next couple days, go back to the vet. Make sure when they do a fecal exam... ask for Giardia test. Ender had loose stool for 1.5 months before we finally figured out it was giardia... giardia DOESN'T show up in a normal fecal exam... they have to run a seperate test for it, and I pretty much demanded they do it off the advice of one of the members of this board.

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    Yeah give time and if there's no improvement ask for Giardia test. That's strange that I keep hearing that a lot of people's vet's here don't look for giardia unless requested.
    Maybe it's more common in NY so they look for it? My vet told me about it some time back when Buck had diarreah due to me changing his food.
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    I had a foster with this one time, I fed him boiled chicken breast (no skin) and rice...firmed it right up. Don't worry he'll be ok.


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