my pup burned his nose
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Thread: my pup burned his nose

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    Defaultmy pup burned his nose

    We had a horrible accident. I had the door to the oven open and the pup woke up and came running toward it and burned his nose. Now there is a pink mark. I was wondering if any one knows if it might blacken up again? He seems to heal nicely though there are no signs of infection. I fell like such a bad mom that this happend so be careful everyone when you think they are sleeping they may be faking it.

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    DefaultRe: my pup burned his nose

    Ahh poor thing.
    Sorry I don't know if it might blacken up again, I can't see why not though? I would just keep an eye on it! Let's just say that your pup will not be doing that again!

    One day, my Bosco decided to smell a candle that was lit and he burned most of his whiskers...It was funny because one side was longer than the*

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    DefaultRe: my pup burned his nose

    Duke has scrapped his nose before, we used polysporin (sp?) on it and it healed perfectly & his nose is all black again.



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