Please Help-Dandruff And Flea Woes!
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Thread: Please Help-Dandruff And Flea Woes!

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    DefaultPlease Help-Dandruff And Flea Woes!

    HI guys
    I use to post as Idlewild on the original forum and always found out the best place for all queries
    I have two dogs a black female-Begum Zara and a yellow male -Woofer.

    Now I have a couple of problems and since I'm in my holiday house up in th mountains I don't have access to a proper vet.

    Zara is about 9 months old and has a lot of dandruff. Her coat has become pretty rough and she sheds a lot.I tried all the vet prescribed shampoo but it only works for a little while. We were also told by the vet to put vaseline all over her coat and then bathe her to combat the dandruff.But the probelm keeps appearing. Any ideas? I'm in India so don't know if we would have the same products but anything would help. She's mostly on pedigree lamb and rice or home made food like rice, stew, cottage cheese etc

    Secondly when would she get her periods?

    Now its Woofer's turn A couple of weeks ago we noticed a lot of small fleas on his coat and shampooed him twice a week with a flea shampoo. After that it was okay.Now today I was able to spot a whole slew of fleas on my baby and ran to all the chemists who didn't have a tick and flea shampoo.I'm really up in the Himalayas right now!It Will take 2 days to get it couriered from Delhi but can u suggest some other remedy? Can I give him a bath with a human lice shampoo like Licel?

    Sorry for droning on , but I don't know what to do!

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    DefaultRe: Please Help-Dandruff And Flea Woes!

    fleas spend 70% or more of their time, and do all their breeding , OFF the animal, so 'flea shampoo' won't do it, nor will lice-stuff, as it is only for lice.
    go on the internet & get some ''premise spray or fogger containing Insect Growth Regulator, and treat the house as per directions. this will stop all fleas from growing to adulthood, so they never breed, problem solved.
    when the spray comes, put dog outside for several hours.
    you need to be thorough when you spray, i get on my knees & mist-spray everything from my nose down. under furniture and along baseboards/the bottom of walls, behind appliances, and in closets are the most important. fleas like dark, quiet places to breed & raise families! i leave the center of rugs/floors [where dogs are likely to play with toys] alone.
    i use no other method, just this one, once a year, and have had NO fleas in over 8 years with at least 3 dogs who live indoors. and i avoid the expense of the applied topicals, and no worries about reactions from the dogs.
    some pups get an overgrowth of normally-present demodex mites at about the time they start to have 'adult hormones' start. this shows up as ''dandruff''. it should go away on its' own in a month or so, bathing will probably make it worse unless you can get some coal-tar shampoo.
    putting vaseline ''all over'' any animal for any reason strikes me as totally bizarre and a real pain too...IMO avoid this ''advice-giver'', they're nuts!
    and--if there are any cattle/horse supply places where you are, be EXTREMELY careful NOT use a product for fleas/ticks/bugs used for cattle/horses unless the label Specifically states it can be used for dogs also--they can & have been killed by them!

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    DefaultRe: Please Help-Dandruff And Flea Woes!

    Our Murphy has dandruff....a teaspoon of olive oil in his food has all but elimated that issue.

    The only really good fight against fleas is one in which a topical is added to the shoulder area of the dog once each month...we use advantage for Murphy and FrontLine for our other two (Frontline appears to cause an allegic reaction in Murphy).

    I have heard that garlic oil capsules also act as repellant as does brewers yeast added to their diets, but have yet to try that with our boys and Callie...


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