itchy dog and thinning hair
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Thread: itchy dog and thinning hair

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    Defaultitchy dog and thinning hair

    Two things one of the vet techs said to me the other day.

    To try giving my dog bottled water to prevent itching??? They had a dog who has very itchy and tried giving it bottled water and the itchyness stopped. Has anyone ever heard of this?

    Also, for thinning hair to give a zinc supplement but I don't know how much??

    Any ideas on this? Thanks

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    DefaultRe: itchy dog and thinning hair

    well--that's a new one !
    i would hope these 'helpful' people have ruled out stuff like thyroid, Addison's, allergies, stress, mange, etc etc etc, before coming up with this stuff....... :

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    DefaultRe: itchy dog and thinning hair

    Until it is determined what is causing the issue, you can add 1 teaspoon of olive oil to your pet's food to help with the dry skin and dandruff...don't bathe the dog every week...labs need to be bathed with a shampoo very infrequently, a simple rinse with the hose it sufficient....corn starch can help if a good rinse doesn't get rid of any ucky smell!

    Good luck in finding out the cause!


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