My dog is too smart for his own good!
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Thread: My dog is too smart for his own good!

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    DefaultMy dog is too smart for his own good!

    My boy, Tucker, was just neutered 3 days ago... the doc told us to keep his e-coller (cone) on for 10 days... but my puppy is too smart for that... he can get that thing off in under a minute... we try to keep it on him when we're around, but when he's in his crate there isnt much we can do... any advice? we're keeping a close eye on his pelvic area for any signs of infection (swelling and redness)... what else can we do? has anyone else had this problem?


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    DefaultRe: My dog is too smart for his own good!

    my dog didn't need a cone cause hey told me to apply some sort of topical cream to the area; (1) it didn't taste good and it kept him away from the area (2) it was soothing to his skin in case he stretched the area. Anyway, that was over 5 years ago and I have no idea what that cream was but perhaps your vet might be able to tell you. wish I could remember what it was. If I find out I will definitely pm you. Good luck


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