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Thread: Diabetes!?!?!?!

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    I just got back from the vet and they are testing Chance for Diabetes. We went in to see if he had a UTI b/c he was peeing a lot, he ended up having a blader infection.

    I just wanted to know if anyone has a lab with Diabetes and what signs you had leading up to finding out your dog had diabetes.

    Also, do you have to give shots everyday like you do with humans with type 2 or pills like type 1 diabetes (have five family members with diabetes)?

    Any input would be great.

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    DefaultRe: Diabetes!?!?!?!

    as far as i know, animals with diabetes need their sugar checked a lot every day & have to have shots, there aren't any pills available like there are for Type II humans, unfortunately.
    don't panic yet, it could be a host of other things, or nothing, going on....but i do feel good about your vet suggesting a check, it shows he's thinking!


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