Scratching around tail a lot
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Thread: Scratching around tail a lot

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    DefaultScratching around tail a lot

    Duke has been scratching around his tail, where it meets his butt a lot. It seems to have started when I took him swimming about 4 days ago, I thought is was because of the salt water, so I washed him again(i hosed him off after swimming) in the tub. He is still scratching, he is tearing the skin and I'm worried it will get infected. is there some sort of cream i can put on it to stop him from scratching it and help it heel? I hate seeing him uncomfortable.

    Help Please

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    DefaultRe: Scratching around tail a lot

    1. suspect fleas first--they can infest & bite even if you use the topicals [as they need to bite to ingest it & die!] his bedding & so forth could be infested.
    2. some [especially un-fixed] male dogs can have an excessive production of hormones/scent from the glands at the base of the tail. this is somewhat oily & highly irritating.
    3. tapeworms, impacted anal glands, passing munched grass might make his butt area itchy, but usually it would be below the tail....standard worm tests do NOT include whipworm & tapeworm detection!

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    rexduke Guest

    DefaultRe: Scratching around tail a lot

    Thanks for the reply.


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    DefaultRe: Scratching around tail a lot

    My pup SASKA was scratching around the tail, and it turned out to be impacted anal glands, and has to have them done every so often.
    Hope you get to the bottom of this problem (pardon the Punn)




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