Chesapeake Bay Retriever rescue called me this morning and ask if I would be willing to pick up and foster two dogs from Houston when I pass through there in 2 weeks. The only concern is that one of the dogs has sarcoptic mange. That is the mange that can be passed on to other dogs. I have no experience with this condition (although I have treated dogs with demodectic mange) and was looking for any advice I could get.

Both dogs are going to be treated if I agree to take them in. They will receive Ivermectin for 12 days as well as full body dipping and antibiotics.

My concerns are,

Will the dogs still be contagious after the 12 day treatment?

Will I be putting the seniors that are here at risk even though the CBR's will be in confinment when they arrive home?

Will I contaminate the new truck I plan to buy while in Colorado/Texas with the mites that cause this condition?

I have to answer CBR rescue by this evening in order to start the treatment in time for it to be finnished by the time I arrive in Houston. CBR rescue will be paying for the treatment and all follow up care and meds.

I just don't want to put the dogs here (especially the seniors) at risk. My vet is not in the office today and I need anyone that may have had first hand experience with this to help me with any info they could provide. It will mean the difference between these two 1 year old pups getting a chance at a new life and being put down at the shelter.

Thanks for any advice. I will be cross posting this to all forums in order to get the most exposure.