Strained/Torn Tendons in wrist
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Thread: Strained/Torn Tendons in wrist

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    Hi All,

    I haven't been on this board in a while but I wanted some input on my lab Sidda. About 3 months ago while butt tucking down the basement stairs she jumped from the 5th step and landed on her leg funny. After plenty of crying, an emergency vet trip and finally a trip to our regular vet she had a spint put on for 9 weeks. After the splint came off she had a soft cast for about two weeks. She just got the cast off on monday and she still will barely walk on it. When she does put pressure on it it still bends backwords and looks awkward but it doesn't seem to hurt her.

    So my vet talked to an orthopedic vet and he said to give it three weeks and if it is not better we should look into surgery. He said it doesn't matter how it looks as long as she is comfortable walking on it. The surgery however would be in her wrist. The only way to repair this joint is to have it fused. Meaning it then stays straight and doesn't bend at all. I am very nervous to do this surgery! thoughts? anyone had an experience with this?


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    DefaultRe: Strained/Torn Tendons in wrist

    Did they mention anything about trying to repair the torn tendons rather than just fusing the joint? Often, like in humans, an orthopedic veterinarian can actually "tighten up" the tendons, and anchor them back down to the bone as they are supposed to be, or re-attach them to each other (you know, one end of the torn tendon to the other end of the same torn tendon).

    Fusing the joint is a sort of "salvage procedure" (last-chance type of surgery), but relieves pain and allows less stress on the rest of the joints. Once you go this direction, there is no turning back and trying other things.

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