Porkies (rolled smoked pig skin sticks)
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Thread: Porkies (rolled smoked pig skin sticks)

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    DefaultPorkies (rolled smoked pig skin sticks)

    This weekend when we were away with some friends and their dogs, my friend gave her 2 lab/husky/collie mix boys some "Porkies" which were rolled 100% smoked pig skin sticks. We also let CoCo have one, and did she ever love it! We supervised her chewing it, and we took away the last piece that she had gnawed down to a thin strip of sinew.

    So, last night I was at Walmart and bought some. We gave one to her, and it certainly kept her entertained for a while! We took it away when she was 1/2 way through (about 30 minutes) with the thought that we could give her the other half tonight. Once I saw she had broken a largish piece off so I took it away from her, it was really gummed up and soft.

    Has anyone tried these? Would you consider them a safe treat?

    And to hijack my own post - I also bought one of those tricky treats balls (orange ball with round divots in it, and a hallow center for treats.... she rolls the ball to have the treats fall out) and gave her part of her breakfast in it this morning.... hahaha, she caught on quick and it kept her busy while I ate MY breakfast! What a great toy!
    ~Jo & CoCo

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    DefaultRe: Porkies (rolled smoked pig skin sticks)

    Here's another vote for curiousity...

    I'm hesitant to try ANYTHING for fear it won't be SAFE OR it will give Ender loose stool. (Amazingly enough we tried a marrow bone and it DIDN'T give him loose stool... though he really didn't get much of the marrow part out)

    I have ordered the Chicken Jerky from J&B only cause it is 100% chicken but that really doesn't last long at all.

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    DefaultRe: Porkies (rolled smoked pig skin sticks)

    I've given Bear porkies and she never had any problem... but, she eats about everything and doesnt have any trouble.* I also give her pig ears, which takes her about 10-20 minutes to finish.

    I think they are safe as long as you supervise your dog.

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    DefaultRe: Porkies (rolled smoked pig skin sticks)

    My guys have had an occasional porkie. Never had a problem. They mostly get cows ears and raw bones these days.


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