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    Defaultear cleaning

    Just wondering how everyone goes about cleaning their dogs ears? Is there an over the counter product that u would recommend that works well!??!

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    DefaultRe: ear cleaning

    Check out this thread:

    I've been very fortunate, mine have good ears.* I stick my finger or a cotton ball in them once a week and sniff to see if there is anything there.* They come out clean as a whistle.* In that case, I don't recommend putting anything in them unless there is a problem.

    Man, I hope I didn't just jinx myself!!

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    DefaultRe: ear cleaning

    Is there an over the counter product that u would recommend that works well!??!
    Yes, you can get cleaner from your vet. Not sure if you can get it over the counter.

    Ears don't need to be cleaned often unless they are dirty or the dog is really prone to infection.

    I clean my dogs ears out with and cotton wool and drops.

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    ThatsMyGirl Guest

    DefaultRe: ear cleaning

    At the advice of my vet, I use Epi-Otic (available online or at the vet -- not a prescription) to clean out Sami's ears.* I used to do it 2x a week, but her ears are very clean, so I now only do this about once a week.* As to HOW I do it ! I just put Epi-Otic on the cottonball and clean all around in the ear.* Then I dry it with a clean cottonball.* Sami thinks it's just great*

    I've found the best price on Epi-Otic here: http://www.petvetdirect.com/home.asp...16&Search.y=10* But it has been a long time since I've shopped around, too.

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    DefaultRe: ear cleaning

    I was given a solution to clean with by my vet, but it seemed as though Jaida's ears were irritated by it, so she recommended that I mix 1 Tbsp of white vinegar, 1 Tbsp of rubbing alcohol, and 1/2 Tbsp of water and soak cotton balls in it, stick them in her ears, massage and then take them out allowing for her ears to dry. It has worked wonders...we went from chronic ear infections to none in the last eight months!
    Cadey, mama to Jaida and Bali


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