Canine drugs dogged by controversy
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Thread: Canine drugs dogged by controversy

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    DefaultCanine drugs dogged by controversy

    Article on MSNBC that everyone should be aware of:

    Canine drugs dogged by controversy

    Echoes of Vioxx debate in battle over safety of pet medications

    Canine drugs dogged by controversy
    An anti-inflammatory closely related to the human painkiller Vioxx has helped relieve aches and pains in many dogs but is the source of similar controversy over the testing and safety of prescription drugs designed for pets.
    Complete story @

    ANOTHER good source for info:

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    DefaultRe: Canine drugs dogged by controversy

    i just think it's important to note that most dogs don't get meds prescibed until they are Really showing symptoms, not like us humans that are constantly monitoring their symptoms & reacting quickly.
    therefore it stands to reason that any given dog is generally MUCH sicker, things are more advanced, when finally given treatment, and therefore the statistics are bound to be skewed.
    i personally have had, several times, given heartfelt thanks for things such as Rimadyl.
    i am NOT a fan of keeping them alive at any cost, i am MUCH more concerned about quality of life for any creature who is unable to understand what is happening to them.

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    DefaultRe: Canine drugs dogged by controversy

    Mis/over use of drugs is the reason of overweighing risk in stead of benefit. Risk - benefit ratio must always be kept in mind in times of treatment with ANY sort of substances. This responsibility is usually not shared by the vets or drug producers as their aim is mostly to satisfy the people or sell more, so You must be careful to ask for drug aid. They are always ready to offer or sell something.

    -from Istanbul


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