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    DefaultNeed vitamin supplements

    Due to a homecooked diet, I need to give my Lya some vitamin supplements. I tried one, but it had beef in it and she had an allergic reaction. Does anyone know of a all round vitamin supplement without allergins?

    Is there a reason why she could not have a Flinstone Chewable? That is what I take and I feel sure there is no beef in them and likely no wheat.


    Morgan with Lya
    and Friend Rocco who spits out his green beans and carrots

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    DefaultRe: Need vitamin supplements

    Where are you getting your homecooked diet? You need to be sure it's balanced. Humans vitamins are not for dogs; so flinstone vitamins won't work for your dog.

    Something such as Nupro or Missing Link might work for you.

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    DefaultRe: Need vitamin supplements

    Ha, well I was having difficulties with good sources, but I found the 2000, 4th edition of the Small Animal Clinical Nutrition text book and now I am feeling better about things.

    Chapter 6, Making Pet Foods at Home, page 168, Table 6-2.
    "Human Adult Vitamin-Mineral tablet (9 g/tablet, give 1 tablet/day)

    Yes, I am a member of a proud and noble profession, I am a librarian (from the movie the Mummy right before the character falls down drunk)

    Morgan with the very allergic Lya and Friend Rocco the Rhidgeback


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