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    DefaultRoyal canine LR 30

    Has anyone tried formula 30 . I use their formula 24 for GSD's and it gives me great results.

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    DefaultRe: Royal canine LR 30

    Yes, I use it.

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    DefaultRe: Royal canine LR 30

    I did. Rider did well on it. But I pulled him off of it because he was gassy and had loose stools. But looking back, it was also during the time he had giardia (we didn't figure that out until after we took him off of it) I don't know if it was the food or the giardia.
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    DefaultRe: Royal canine LR 30

    It looks like a fine food, but this part on the royal canin web site always cracks me up:

    The special physiology of the Labrador Retriever, such as its unique coat and predisposition to excess weight make it a very unusual breed that needs special attention, especially in terms of its nutrition.

    The boxer and GSD are also very unusual in their nutrition demands, according to Royal Canin

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    DefaultRe: Royal canine LR 30

    Labs are unique in their coat.



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