Natural Balance, quality flux, more informatin?
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Thread: Natural Balance, quality flux, more informatin?

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    DefaultNatural Balance, quality flux, more informatin?


    A couple of folks have mentioned some difficulties with the quality of Natural Balance. Can anyone elaborate?

    My lab came to me eating NB but turned out to have allergies. But our Rhodesian still eats it and does not seem to have difficulties.

    I have been eying their new organic food with interest, but now wonder what is up with quality shifts.

    It was a little odd yesterday I was right across from their booth at a vendor show. I asked why my local petshop did not yet have their new foods. The response was, "oh, that is not us we do not serve that store." Well the shop sells the brand, how is it not you? I guess they were just reps not to be confused with the national brand.

    I just do not get that part.

    Morgan with Lya
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    DefaultRe: Natural Balance, quality flux, more informatin?

    All I have heard is that there seems to be a quality control issue and that the food is outsourced which means, I believe, made in more than one facility? If I am incorrect in that assumption, please let me know. From personal experience, Haylee has been on it for a couple of years. A few months ago, she started experiencing very loose stools and there had been no change whatsoever in her diet. We took in a stool sample to the vet to rule out anything else -- it was all clear. We got a new bag of food and it cleared up. My friend who has also fed NB to her lab purchased a bag and her dog started vomiting and refused to eat the food. We compared kibble and the kibble from her bag was very different from the kibble in mine and it also smelled different. So, just for me, personally, I am beginning to feel a bit uncomfortable in continuing to feed Haylee NB.

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    DefaultRe: Natural Balance, quality flux, more informatin?

    From what I have heard; someone got some kibble that had a different shaped kibble included with it; this was the Venison brand and the kibble that was mixed with it appeared to be cat kibble.

    It's also happened recently with Eagle ... Eagle responded that when they change from processing one food to another; some small pieces get stuck in the hopper and can come through in the next batch of whatever kibble is being processed. This is upsetting some people with allergy prone dogs ... which I can understand.

    Also, peeps are up in arms over the NB thing because it's manufactured at one of the Diamond plants.

    So if you open a bag and see different styles of kibble; you should take a pic of it and send to NB customer service.

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    DefaultRe: Natural Balance, quality flux, more informatin?

    With Natural Balance, it doesn't appear to be a random or unique event. I've seen several complaints on other boards, and this has been over a 2 year period. Every now and then, people will report changes in the color, shape, and smell. It may be no more than changes in the ingredients due to market prices, but for a food billed as an allergy food, that's not very good. Inevitably with the changes, you'll read posts from people about their dogs suddenly doing poorly on the food.


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