how much to feed & growling issues
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Thread: how much to feed & growling issues

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    Defaulthow much to feed & growling issues

    Hi Everyone,

    We have a 5 mo yellow lab mix (not sure with what but have been told pit bull - to which I dont necessarily agree, will try to post a pic (how?) maybe you all can tell?).... we are unsure as to how much to feed her. She is now eating twice a day and we give her 1 3/4 cups of Purina One puppy food large breed. Does that sound right? She always seems starving at feeding times (typical, isnt it?).

    We are also having a growling problem that started just last week. A little history. She had diarrhea, which we believe was caused by her last set of shots (she also had it the prior month right after getting shots - which is why we think this). She was put on boiled rice and beef for a few days, then gradually weaned in the food. Since she's been put back on the food, she's been growling if someone pets her while she eats. Also if she has a kong with a treat in it - she'll growl if you go near, she thinks youre taking it away. Any help with this? What I do when she growls is take the food away for a little while (we do make her sit and wait and be released before she can eat), then feed her a little at a time - again making her sit and wait.

    I talked to a couple trainers. One says to have her checked for lyme disease and hip dysplasia before she'll see her. She told me to also switch to adult food -- does that seem right at 5 months? She said it makes a big difference. HELP!?!

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    DefaultRe: how much to feed & growling issues

    Regarding how much to feed: How does your puppy look ~ use this chart to help decide: And adjust food accordingly. If you think your puppy is skinny you can up his food 1/4 cup or so. There is not a clear-cut answer about when to change from puppy food to adult. Some people NEVER use puppy food, some people will change at 6 months or a year. I don't think you can go wrong using it at 5 months of age, though ;D

    Here is a long thread from our old site about food aggression. Maybe you will find some tips to help you.


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