My boy is about to be 12 in August. April 10 of this year, I had to take him to the ER, because he was urinating blood. He had a whopping UTI. The only indication I had was the night before he asked to go out a couple times when he normally wouldn't have. So, it took a month to clear that up and my vet suggested testing him for Cushings due to the UTI and other factors..i.e. thinning hair, he pees in a long, strong stream for a full 50-60 seconds..etc...he tested positive for the Cushings. So, last Thursday, he went back tot he vet because he had peed all over my living last Monday and Thursday afternoons (I come home at lunch but he is in the house for a little over 4 hours in the afternoon). He has a bladder infection...Because of his age and the horror stories I've heard about the Cushings drugs, I have decided to let him live his natural life. My question is...does anyone else have experience with Cushings in their lab and did/do they have the same urinary issues? I have him on a supplement for the urinary tract (guess that didn't work) and Adrenal Health Gold for the Cushings but wondered if changing his food would help with the urinary problems? He eats Victor beef and rice now and loves it but I heard maybe changing his food would be helpful. Poor guy looks horrified when he has accidents... so any info is helpful, thanks!