Need help finding surgeon for CCL in New England!
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Thread: Need help finding surgeon for CCL in New England!

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    ExclamationNeed help finding surgeon for CCL in New England!

    I live in Connecticut. We just put our long time family member Petey down. He was a lab/pointer mix. Now, our boxer has a serious health issue and hoping somebody can help us.

    Have a 1 year old boxer (around 53 lbs). He needs both CCLs repaired which is the reason I decided to join a forum. Want to see who can provide surgeon names with procedure done (TPLO, TTA, Tight Rope, Fishing Wire) and prices paid for New England.

    Since he needs both repairs the costs are well beyond what we can afford. We have done a fair amount of research and determined that we will likely go with the tight rope. I have had 3 other CCL surgeries done on Petey his brother Shadow, who have passed away. 1 was the fishing line and 2 were TPLO. We have been quoted $3500-$4000 PER KNEE, which means $7k-$8k total.

    Fortunately, from what we have researched there is very little, if any, evidence that TPLO produces better results long term versus tight rope regardless of dog's weight (for those under 80 lbs). There are actual studies posted by surgeons available online.

    Our thinking is that hopefully we can find a qualified surgeon who will provide fair pricing on both knees. We live in CT and are willing to travel within reason (up to 6-8 hours).

    What would be helpful for those that have recommendations.

    1. Surgeon name and location
    2. Procedure performed (TPLO, Tightrope, TTA, etc)
    3. Price paid
    4. Dog's weight
    5. Result: Was it a success?

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    I think by mistake you put second time same question.....

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