Lab Attacked by 3 Putbulls
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Thread: Lab Attacked by 3 Putbulls

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    DefaultLab Attacked by 3 Putbulls

    Wanted to get some advice on the recovery of my Lab Yankee. He was attacked by 3 pitbulls and survived. He's very emotional which is understandable. Our vet has given him antibiotics and pain medication after he was stitched and in the hospital for 4 days. We just lay with him and pet the areas not cut up on him. If anyone has any tips on making his recovery more comfortable let me know. You can read Yankees incredible story by typing #thisyankeewins in your browser.thanks.
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    My boy was attacked by a pit bull like 6 years ago and had his head ripped open. I'm really lovey with him, so I just continued to be as normal as possible with him. They get stressed out when you're stressed out..... I hope he heals fast! Lots of love to him. And sorry I'm late on this....

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