Itch No More, Ruffy!
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    DefaultItch No More, Ruffy!

    Well . . . at least we hope so!

    Ruffy will be 6 in December, and each spring his allergies have progressively worsened.* This year his stratching started even earlier than usual, thanks to our early spring; so SU, Ruffy's vet & I are trying a new approach:

    Stronger Medicine *
    Cephalex for 1 week, & Temaril P as needed

    Better Baths
    Instead of rinsing his belly when he comes indoors, I'm supposed to rinse his entire body.* Once a week I'll be shampooing him with a 3% colloidol oatmeal shampoo.* The kind we got is from Animal Dermatology Lab.* The shampoo has to stay on his body for 5-10 minutes before rinsing.* (Wait till Ruffy learns about that part!** )

    Topical Ointment
    I'll rub Animax Ointment (nystatin-neomycin sulfate-thiostrepton-triamcinolone acetonide ointment) on Ruffy's belly just before we take our morning walk.* While he's walking, the medicine will have time to soak in, & Ruffy will be having too much fun to think about licking it off. (That's our story & we're sticking to it . . .** )

    Environmental Change
    We're going to bite the bullet & make Ruffy stay indoors more.* The less he is exposed to the allergens outside, the better all the other steps will work.

    Wish us luck!* Ruffy stopped scratching himself within an hour of his 1st medicine dose, so I have high hopes his spring-summer-full will be much more comfortable & fun for him.

    BTW, in talking to a colleague about Ruffy's vet visit, she recommended I add The Missing Link food additive to his diet.* She claims it keeps her dogs from itching during allergy season.
    Here is the link for it:
    Has anyone tried this?
    I've never used food additives before and have just started researching.* Any opinions would be welcome!

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    DefaultRe: Itch No More, Ruffy!

    I've never used Missing Link, but I've had great results with Nupro.
    I hope this works for you guys!

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    DefaultRe: Itch No More, Ruffy!

    The Missing Link sounds great. I'll be interested to read replies to your message about those who have used it. I wonder if it can be used as a total supplement, i.e., instead of buying it and the joint enhancers I currently buy, the Missing Link plus could cover both the gloucosinine and cosequin needs of my dog! Can't wait to read the replies....

    and good luck with the itching. Our four year male, Murphy, also suffers with spring allergies, apparently not to the extent that your pup does, but I will be interested in hearing of your progress.


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