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    We have a pool that Chloe loves to swim in.* Her ears have really started to stink.* In fact it is making her whole head smell.* Any ideas on cleaning her ears or could this be an infection?* I plan on taking her to the vet but thought I would also check here.* Thanks.


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    DefaultRe: stinky ears

    Sounds like an infection. I would take her in right away before it gets worse.

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    DefaultRe: stinky ears

    If it smells yeasty it's an infection

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    DefaultRe: stinky ears

    Yup yeast infection.

    This website tells you how to clean them and has a solution that alot on here use and swear by.

    I would also suggest that you wipe here ears out each time after she gets done swimming. You don't have to clean them everytime but try to dry them out some.


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