My Puppy and His Weight
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Thread: My Puppy and His Weight

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    DefaultMy Puppy and His Weight

    Good evening I have been feeding my 5 month old Purina puppy chow tender and crunchy three times a day 1 and 1/3 cups with a raw egg. The last time I weighed him he was 24.3 lbs and when I weighed him today he was 29 lbs even. I read on the bag that for his adult weight which is 76-85 till he is 11 months he gets 4 cups and then 2/1/2 when he 9-11 months old. I need know if I am feeding right should he weigh more

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    Wow, my 13 wk old is nearly 25# (on Eukanuba LBP). I don't go by the bag, rather the feel of the ribs. I like to have a little spare fat there just in case, but not excessive.

    WindyCanyon Girls, August 2014

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    So many worry about what the stupid bag says, feed the pup!
    Then monitor his appearance and weight, get involved!
    Talk to your vet.

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    I would be cautious about the raw egg.
    Raw eggs are not generally recommended for cats and dogs. While there have not been health scares involving raw eggs and transmission of any major illness to domesticated animals, it is still better to be safe. Raw eggs do not impart any significant health benefit, and may only cause problems -- issues of which are nullified by cooking the egg.

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