4 year old lab limping back leg
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Thread: 4 year old lab limping back leg

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    Default4 year old lab limping back leg

    First of all, I plan on taking him in to vet tomorrow. But I'm just at a loss as to what is happening and reading stuff on google is freaking me out. He's a big boy, not obese, but probably a bit overweight, maybe around 90 lbs. Around Monday or Tuesday he started limping, not wanting to bear weight on his back leg. It started pretty suddenly. We were inside and he's lying around and at one point I just notice that he's limping. I checked his leg to see if maybe he had a piece of glass in his paw but it looks fine. Not broken, etc. When I touch his leg and slowly extend it he doesn't seem to be in pain or anything like that. It's a bit better today, he's putting a little more weight on it, but still limping a bit. The only thing out of the ordinary that happened was this weekend or Monday my husband was playing with the dogs when he came home and Cocoa likes to jump up when he gets excited. My husband grabbed him by the front legs at one point when they were playing as he jumped up and Cocoa let out a loud yelp like something had hurt real bad.
    Anyone been through this before? I keep reading about hip displasia and wonder if the sudden movement the other day dislocated something.

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    Here's a video I just took of him.

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    How did the vet appointment go? One of my labs tore a ligament in her knee (I can't remember what it was called) and I'm wondering if that's what happened to your boy. She was running through the yard and just let out a scream. She had to have surgery to fix it. I hope it's nothing serious with your boy!!
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    Looks like the cruciate.

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    Could be a bad strain but most likely your pup has torn his cruciate.....take to vet asap to advise. Get a referral to an orthopaedic specialist. I have been through 2 TPLO surgeries for my lab and she is only 2 yrs old. She's doing great now though!! It is a bit of a journey but you have to take pup in for x-rays and vet will feel pup's knee for a 'drawer'
    (movement in knee). If there is any movement in the joint, it means you have a tear and my best advice is to see an orthopaedic specialist to advise on best future steps. Good luck :-)

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