HELP!!! Should I neuter my 9 year old lab or not???
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Thread: HELP!!! Should I neuter my 9 year old lab or not???

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    DefaultHELP!!! Should I neuter my 9 year old lab or not???

    I have an almost 9 year old male yellow lab. Recently, I noticed spots of blood on my floors. Turns out it was coming from his penis. I do not know if he scratched his penis, or hurt himself from humping, which he occasionally does, (no more than usual though), or if something more serious was going on. So I took him to the vet and he examined him. He stated that his prostate was inflamed along with his penis. He gave him an anti-inflammatory shot and some antibiotics for 10 days. He will be going back to see him in a week. He mentioned to me that I should think about getting my dog neutered, which will help prevent future prostate problems. He told me that he neutered his lab at the same age and that it was fine. I have a million things running through my mind and was wondering if anyone had any hands on experience with this before. To me I feel like to neuter him at almost 9 is kind of too late. Any one have any insight to help me decide??????

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    If he's having prostate problems, it's a no brainer... neuter him. As long as he's healthy (obviously do presurgical bloodwork), he should be fine. I neutered my "old guy" at 11 because of a lump on a testicle and he'll be 14 in march

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    You should definitely get him neutered to prevent future issues. Of course, run everything by a professional vet first, but it sounds like you already have a solid recommendation to do so. It may seem weird or too late, but it's for the health of your pup!

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    I would definitely get him neutered.

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    I know this is a few months old but just in case it's not too late to save the boys you do have options. I went through this exact same thing just over a year ago. My boy's prostate had pockets of infection too, as well as being enlarged. Like your Vet my Vet also wanted to get the infection under control and shrink the prostate before neutering. My Vet is a Holistic/Integrative Vet so we used TCM as well as antibiotics and scheduled a visit for early January 2016 to see about when to neuter in January 2016.

    My boy was 8 years old then and my Vet cautionned me that it was a more serious operation to neuter a boy of his age than a young dog. For one thing the testicles had been hanging there for 8 years and it was unlikely the scrotum would shrink up as it does in younger boys. It would most likely hang lower and it would no longer retract in cold or other situations without the testicles in it and that could lead to injury. She, my Vet, said she might have to take the scrotum right off as well (which is how I was used to dogs and cats being neutered but now they are often left to shrink up on their own) and the cavity left by removing the scrotum would require a longer recovery period as skin would have to be stitched together that had never been joined together.

    Anyway, back to the Vet and I opted for a second ultrasound just to see what was going on in there and help the VEt in the still planned soon to be neuter. To our surprise the infection was GONE, all of it. And the prostate was much smaller, not as small as it should be but obviously smaller. So we decided not to neuter, keep on with the TCM and now, just over a year later, he is still intact.

    TCM keeps my boy's prostate in check. My Vet laughs because her human father also has prostate issues and he is on the same TCM from his Holistic human Doctor as my dog. AT the same time I went through all this my friend had the same thing with her intact male, a different breed and a year old, so her's was 9 at the time. Her dog's prostate was shrunk and under control with western medicine and did not need neuter after all either. To both our immense glee her dog is on the same western med (sorry forget the name) as her husband for the same reason.

    ONe last thing, my Vet has never had an intact dog with this problem. She has seen and treated dogs with prostate issues before but they were all neutered dogs. Obviously neuter was not going to be the for sure cure-all then, another reason for me to not want to neuter, it was not a guarantee the prostate would stay the size it should. We need to check regularly, just as any human man needs to do.

    I know you will want to know how my friend's dog is too. Sadly, he was PTS in January of this year due to unrelated seizure issues thought to be a brain tumour. He was also reacting to the phenobarbital he was on for the seizures and showing signs of ever advancing dementia. None of these is thought to be related to his prostate or the meds he was on for it.

    If you are still here please let us know how you got on, your decision and how it went. Hope all is well.

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