Bunny Hopping Down Stairs (not Sami)
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Thread: Bunny Hopping Down Stairs (not Sami)

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    DefaultBunny Hopping Down Stairs (not Sami)

    Sami plays with a lab buddy several times a week. He was here yesterday and I noticed when he came down our deck stairs that he "hopped". I do not notice the hopping when he runs, but his gait is definitely different than Sami's. As background ~ he is 18 months old, had elbow surgery (both) at 7 months of age, and apparently now has a shoulder problem (seems to pop it out of joint). Is bunny hopping down stairs a sign of a problem? (He came from a "breeder" who "didn't believe" in doing any type of hip or elbow testing :)

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    DefaultRe: Bunny Hopping Down Stairs (not Sami)

    Yes, it is a sign of a problem. It usually means that the dog is painful and is trying to keep from putting full weight on a painful limb.


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